Monday, March 14, 2011

Life as a farm wife

I'm always amazed at how fast everyones quilt tops go together. I usually have to steal quilty sewing time and still have interruptions of a farm wife constantly. Today was a perfect example.

"MOM the chicken is running away. Mom replies WHAT? Why did you have the chicken out? Daughter replies because it looked lonely".

Well I'm not sure HOW it can be lonely with 100 brothers & sisters to play with (total of 225 in 2 chicken houses). Daughter is still mad at the dog for chasing the chicken. Dog is mad at me for scolding it & chicken looks like its ready to have a stroke! It was a broiler chicken to they are super fat, it was funny to watch it try to run lol. We will be butchering the 50 broilers in about 2 weeks, didn't want him dead just yet & definitely NOT dogfood.

On a brighter note, Bryce & Katelyn (DD16) had dinner ready & waiting when I got home from the neuro today. That is a big treat for me. Brittany(DD14) is trying to avoid dishes as we speak.

Looks like I'm headed to a MS (multiple sclerosis) clinic in springfield IL, have any favorite fabric stores that I should visit there or south of there? I had a bad flare up about 5 months ago but am feeling ok now so I argued with the neuro about why I didn't think it was needed. The Dr & Bryce won out, now to wait for the referral process & an appointment date.

On a brighter note the vitamin d supplement (50,000mg/wk) is making me feel a lot better & I'm getting a lot of decluttering & sewing done!

Off to play with the vintage sheets (cough cough...fabric for summer dresses) I found in the closet. 

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