Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reclaimed Fabric Collection

I have spent the last two days sorting through all of my reclaimed fabric (aka clothes no one wants) and will post pictures in a few days after I finish cleaning off the table tops of misc items.

I'm going to post a few of my patterns as well as sewing hints/tricks.  I love to quilt but sewing and mending is what really pays my bills.

Cooking an entire meal on the grill

IMG00558-20110601-1716.jpg by quiltedpecan
Yep I really do cook the entire meal for 7 people on the grill! Tonight its italian herbed chicken (durkee marinate pack), home canned green beans & home grown italian herbed potatoes.  Bryces dad cooked broccolli and cauliflower from the garden in the steamer, I added cheese at the picnic table so technically thats not cooked inside my house *big grins*