Sunday, March 20, 2011

Fabric Requirements and Layout Guide

I've decided to go ahead and post my Dollhouse Quilt patterns as a block a week.  This pattern is being designed in honor of Chloe in Africa (click to follow the link to her information).  Piecing Hope volunteers make quilts for AIDS orphans.  Each quilt is made for a particular child and is personal and unique.  These quilts signify the value of each child in the world. 

Please make sure to sign up for my blog updates.  Fabric requirements and layouts can be downloaded HERE I would love to see pictures of everyone's blocks and hopefully be able to use a few of the photos on the patterns and on my blog as embellishment examples.  I know I plan on making this one for a future granddaughter.  My girls are only 14 & 16 so I have time to gather all of the fun embellishments!

Now for the details...
You are welcome to make quilts from this pattern for yourself, family, friends, fundraisers and raffles, and most of all, charities! You may even make quilts or gifts from these patterns to sell for a profit (No mass production).

What I ask you NOT to do please; no direct linking to the files, no photocopying, no reproducing to package and market the patterns with the intent to sell them and no emailing the patterns between friends. When in doubt, email me and ask.   Be friendly and keep the creative spirit of quilting alive and give credit where credit is due.


  1. I love this idea. I will be making this quilt!
    So glad to see it will be a block of week. It will be delightful to keep up with it especially not having to wait a whole month for next block. I have granddaughters but I might want to keep this for myself since I have always been fascinated with doll houses! Thanks a million for offering this!!!

  2. What a wonderful pattern you've come up with for Chloe. I hope she shares pictures with Stashbusters when she is done ... it will be the envy of all the other little girls I'm sure :)
    Helen in the UK
    fellow Stashbuster

  3. I could not download the file - instead it downloaded an .exe file - I'm on a Mac. Can you instead save the information as a jpg then it could be in blogger.... ? or save as a Google Doc?

  4. I'm sorry that you're having problems downloading June! You should not be downloading an .exe file. Make sure you are clicking on the blue download button below the file information. All files are .pdf for easy use by PC and MAC. If I was to save as a jpg file it would be huge and take forever for everyone to download. Please email me and let me know if you aren't able to download after trying the other button.

  5. Thanks for your email - this time I did download the PDF correctly. There were so many "Download" links on the page - I guess I picked the wrong one before! So it's the blue Download - then wait and then click an orange download to get the file.
    : )