Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 Sew Scraps Along

The last six months have been a crazy for me but things are starting to level out.  We've been expanding the farm and although its alot of hard work, I enjoy not needing to go to the grocery store for food every week.  I go once every four to six weeks for dry goods. 

My goals for the new year include sharing new money saving ideas and recipes but I also plan on making time to SEW every day.  Found a great sew scrap along here:  I already belong to a 1.5" postage stamp swap group and plan on starting to use them with the scrap along.
I am also going to try to do the "Building Houses from Scraps" here:  I always try to keep up with a few block of the months but never get past april or may (when we get super busy on the farm) and then don't have the blocks to finish up the quilt.  So I'm going scrappy this year and this sew along only uses one block.  Don't worry, there's an English translation below all of the posts.

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