Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dollhouse Quilt - Living Room Block

My Adobe Illustrator skills are getting better and I'm learning lots of tricks that allow the pattern making go much faster.  I started sewing together all of the room background blocks today including the sashings.  I hope yours goes together better than mine, I'd cut a few blocks too big and ended up trimming an inch off the nursery and sewing room instead of ripping everything out.  I'd have the entire top together if I had already made my final door block (I plan on working on that tomorrow).  

Download the pdf Living Room block HERE.  Don't forget to scroll halfway down and click on the blue download now button.  


  1. You gave us a lot to work with on the living room block. I especially like the touches on the lamp like a pull string and the electric cord and outlet. I would have never thought to add that. Where can we post our pics?

  2. I followed a car Friday that had a doll house in the trunk and I thought about your work. It's coming along well. It's wonderful that you have learned so much while creating something so nice.